Karen Cho's film “In the Shadow of Gold Mountain” television premier on CBC's Newsworld: Jan 11, 2005

Television Premiere: In the Shadow of Gold Mountain

Don't miss this show!

The National Film Board's In the Shadow of Gold Mountain will have
its television premiere on CBC Newsworld's Rough Cuts on Tuesday, Jan.
11 at 10 pm ET/PT, with a repeat broadcast on Friday, Jan. 14 at 10 pm

the Shadow of Gold Mountain (a film by Karen Cho) uncovers stories from
the last living survivors of the Chinese Head Tax and Exclusion Act,
which lasted from 1885 until 1947. These personal accounts of
extraordinary Chinese-Canadians who survived the era are stories of
unwavering personal strength, of families torn apart and
of a community's struggle for civil rights and redress.

Filmaker Karen Cho is a very thoughtful young filmaker who
captures the stories behind the story of the racist head tax that was
only applied to immigrants of Chinese descent – no matter which country
they came from.

Read both my short review of In the Shadow of Gold Mountain, and my meeting with Karen Cho.

This film features interviews with Vancouver locals Roy Mah and
Gim Wong – both of whom served in the Canadian military, when they were
not even allowed to vote in their own country of birth.  I know
both men personally, and they are both very decent and gracious men,
who strongly believe in their convictions.

Roy is the founder of Chinatown News, the first and longest
running English language news magazine for the Chinese Canadian
community, and a recipient of the Order of BC, and Queen's Jubilee
Medal. This past summer at the age of 86, Gim Wong rode his
motorcycle to the site of Last Spike, in Craigelachie, BC, to draw
attention to the Canadian Government's lack of ability to respond to
repeated requests for apologies and reparations for the Chinese
Exclusion Act and Head Tax.

Read the NFB press release about the television premiere for In the Shadow of Gold Mountain.

Also check out the the network television premiere of Tribe
of One, a film about my cousin Rhonda Larrabee, who grew up half
Chinese and half First Nations.  It airs on Feb 6,
2005  APTN as part of a 13 part
Aboriginal Showcase of NFB films.


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