Eating noodles in Vancouver: Jennifer Burke goes to Sha-Lin Noodles

Eating noodles in Vancouver: Jennifer Burke goes to Sha-Lin Noodles

– photo Todd Wong
Sha Lin Noodles is one of my favorite places to eat fresh noodles in Vancouver.  Throughout the summer, we often dropped in for dinner after Tuesday night dragon boat practice… or even on a Saturday afternoon for lunch.

Today, Oct 15, CBC's Living Vancouver did a spot with Jennifer Burke visiting Sha-Lin Noodles. It's a funny but informative story with Jennifer trying to twirl noodles, and slurping like she's famished.  She even handles chop sticks like an expert.

Wait!  Jennifer IS half Chinese.  According to internet sources, she was born in London  England, but raised in BC.  Her father is Chinese and her mother English.

Sha-Lin Noodles (video)

Living to Eat

Sha-Lin Noodles (video)

you're looking for a quick meal that's fresh, tasty and inexpensive –
how about noodles? We found a little place near Broadway and Cambie
where the noodles are so good it's even worth braving the nearby road
construction for.

– photo Todd Wong
Here's a picture from a Gung Haggis visit.  The chef makes his noodles, and Dan Seto lifts them up, while playing with his food.

Here's the April 18th story  Gung Haggis dragon boat team goes to Sha Lin Noodle Restaurant by Todd on Wed 18 Apr 200

Sha Lin Noodle House
548 W Broadway, Vancouver
Tel: (604) 873-1816

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