Gung Haggis Dragon Boat racing Saturday in heat 14, 10:23am

The Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team is racing Saturday and Sunday June 19 & 20 at Alcan Dragon Boat Festival

Our first race is at 10:23 in heat 14 – in a Gemini boat.  This means we could be on a boat on the water possibly by 9:50, and marshaled by 9:30.

This means we need to meet by 8:00am at our tent in Racer's Village.  For people unfamiliar with Racer's Village – please aim for 7:45am.  It is important to meet 90 minutes prior to our marshalling time – because the chances something can go wrong are now exponential! (possible problems include parking, losing/forgetting your pass, getting lost on site, can't find the team tent, forgetting towake up – don't laugh… somebody was late getting up the morning we had to leave Vancouver by 6am to make a 10am race in Seattle.)

Manager Dave Montrose, co-coach Bob Brinson and myself will confirm our Saturday morning meeting time by Thursday.

We are lucky we are not scheduled for Heat 4 at 8:33am.  Then we would have to be marshalled by 7:45 and meet at the tent by 6:45am!

Our next race will be dependent upon our placement.
We are seeded 5th of 8 boats.  Expect to finish 4th, 5th or 6th.

If we finish:
3rd and go to Pool A Heat 8  at 3:20pm
4th we go to Pool A Heat 5 at 2:47pm,
5th we go to Pool B heat 6 at 2:14pm,
6th, we go to Pool Be Heat 7 at 2:25pm,
7th, we go to Pool B Heat 8 at 2:36pm
8th, we go to Pool B Heat 5 at 2:03pm

More info coming…

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