Almost Finished! our dragon boat head carvings for Gung Haggis dragon boat team

Carving dragon boat heads is a lot of work.  Imagine standing
while hammering and chiseling for almost 5 hours a day.  Both Bob
Brinson and I were there everyday.  Bob supervised our carving
when I had to work at the library, and I supervised when he had his

The carving experience exceeded our expectations of how much fun and
how much work it would be.  I would definitely recommend it for
every dragon boat team to try.  It brings everybody together both
on the team, and amongst the teams in the workshop.  We
recommended that 6 teams would be a good number and having a minimum of
6 people from each team participating.  We were definitely plagued
by a lack of participants as many of our team members were unable to
attend the mid-week carving sessions.  I would definitely
recommend including TWO weekends, as Saturdays and Sundays would also
encourage the most spectators. 

The first time you do anything is always a challenge.  We have
lots of pictures
and stories to share over beers and nachos now. 

See all our carving pictures at

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