Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat a favorite in Vancouver's St. Patrick's Day parade

St. Paddy's Day Parade in Vancouver, on a Sunday afternoon. Where elese
can you see a dragon boat dressed up as a float with a kilted Chinese
Lion twirling a dragon boat paddle?

Trev Sue-A-Quan, Todd Wong & Dave Samis pose with the decorated dragon boat – photo Adrianna Ermie

The 2nd Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade is the crown jewel of Celtic Fest Vancouver
– celebrating all things celtic.  Gung Haggis Fat Choy was asked
last year to be a part of it, and so a dragon boat float was created by
GHFC founder Todd Wong, aka “Toddish McWong.”   While McWong
is more known for combining Robbie Burns Day and Chinese New Year into
a potpouri of cultural fusion, he brought his playfulness to St.
Patrick's Day with great enthusism and new surprises for the 2005

Celebrity paddlers were Vancouver city councillor Ellen Woodworth,
loudly banging the drum at the head of the boat.  CBC Radio
reporter/host Margaret “Maggie” Gallagher looked exquisite in a gold
and green Chinese jacket, holding a green paddle.  Trev
Sue-A-Quan, from Dragon Boat Association, swayed to the music while
holding the steering oar at the back of the boat.  Team paddler
Dave Samis waved to the crowd while Deb Martin held a yellow chinese
dragon puppet to the delight of all the children lining Granville

City Councillor Ellen Woodsworth bangs the drum as dancer Adrianna
Ermie and CBC Radio broadcaster Margaret Gallagher and team paddler
Dave Samis smile for the camera
– photo Todd Wong

And preceding this dragon boat on a trailer concoction was Highland
Dancer Adrian Elmie wearing her green and white Irish Jig costume,
closely followed by a kilted character wearing a traditional Chinese
lion head mask.  Of course inside the mask was Todd Wong,
reprising his “Gung Haggis” character, now transforming this strange
sight into an interactive crowd pleaser.

Trev Sue-A-Quan waves to the crowd while “steering the dragon boat” for the St. Patrick's Day parade – photo Nick Lum

more later…

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