dragon boat practice for Gung Haggis Fat Choy team starts 2pm, April 10th

The first dragon boat practice for Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team will take place on April 10th, 2pm. 

Interest in this special team specializing in multicultural,
intercultural and cross-cultural activities is growing fast. Each week
more people are asking to join the team.  I am now looking into
starting up a second team – although registration will be more
expensive – I am also looking into a team sponsorship (details to be
revealed soon).

CCC Dragon Boat Association Warehouse and Boat Dock
210 West 1st Ave
Look for the large Warehouse that says MATCON.

Best parking is on the street

– or turn North into parking lot at West 1st and Columbia.  Go as
far as you can to the sea wall, park your car – then walk 50 feet West
along the seawall until you come to the CCC DBA compound – then come in
and walk 100 feet to the DBA clubhouse.

For 2005, we have a mix of returning paddlers from last year's team,
brand new rookie paddlers, + experienced paddlers who started with me,
went on to more experienced teams, and are returning because… they
miss the special “Gung Haggis” spirit!

If you have friends who would like to join the team – call me and bring them along.  We are an inclusive team!

New activites for 2005
We have been asked to help carve a dragon boat head for the Sea
Vancouver Festival!  And yes… we will be racing that weekend too!

Other races for 2005 include:
May 21 Lotus Sports Club Regatta ?
June 4/5  ADBF regatta confirmed
June 18/19  Alcan Dragon Boat Festival confirmed
July  9/10 SeaVancouver Festival confirmed
July 16 Harrison Lake or Kent WA (Seattle) ?
July 23 Richmond Dragon Boat Festival ?
August 27/28 San Francisco International Dragon Boat Race ?
Sep 3/4 Vancouver International Taiwanese Dragon Boat Race confirmed

To get in shape for your first practice…
Swimming is a great cross-training activity because it works the upper
arms, deltoids, shoulders, lower back and hips.  Paddling is
really about using your entire body – not just your arm muscles. 
Practice some crunches and push ups too!  Make sure you do NOT do
the old style sit-ups – this will strain and overextend your back
muscles. Abdominal Crunches that lift your shoulds 2 to 4 inches are
all that is needed – you will feel the difference!  Sets of 10 are
good to start off with.  The purpose of doing these muscle
building exercises is to make the practices easier.

What to wear for your first practice:
Prepare for both Rain and/or Shine!
Dress in layers.  Bring a fleece jacket or windbreaker. 
Bring an extra set of clothing to leave in your car, in case you get
wet.  Afterall this is a water sport and anything can
happen.  I can assure you that under my watch, there has never
been a capsize or a swamping of a dragon boat.  All paddling
equipment is provided as are Personal Floatation Devices.

Our coaches are well trained.
Both Bob Brinson and myself have done the National Coaching
Certification Program, as well as False Creek Racing Canoe Club
technical training courses.  We were also both presenters at the
1st ever dragon boat coaching workshop in 2002.

The first rule is always safety.
And the dock at DBA is just getting set up by Bob Brinson.  The
dock is now in place beside the MATCON barge, and a walkway will be
installed this week.  Lockers and chaning rooms are also now being
installed in the clubhouse.  A port-a-potty is also available on
the premises.

Looking forward to our first team paddle on April 10th, 2pm at the CCC DBA paddling facility. 

Cheers, Todd Wong

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