Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team hits the water for 1st practice

The Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team hit the water for its first
practice on April 10th, Sunday at 2pm.  It was a nice high
overcast day, that held off on raining until after our practice. 
The team members who came out were mostly enthusiastic rookies who all
were warned that “dragon boating is addictive” by coach Bob Brinson.

Team director and founder Todd Wong, led initial introductions, warm up
stretches and steered the boat in and out of the brand new dock at the
Dragon Boat Association compound.  2 year veteran paddler Nick
also steered the boat during the practice that allowed Todd to help
beginner paddler with their stroke, while coach Bob Brinson led the
day's lesson.

Paddlers were introduced to a little about dragon boating history,
paddle instruction, and the practice closed off with some practice
starts to demonstrate how everything is put together.  For a
collection of newcomers, Coaches Bob and Todd were very impressed with
how fast the rookies learned and were able to move the boat together.

Next practice is April 17th, Sunday at 2pm.  CCC Dragon Boat
Association Compound at the MATCON warehouse at 260 West 1st Ave. at
the North foot of  Crowe Street.  For best parking – go to
the foot of Columbia at West 1st, and drive into the parking lot on the
North Side of the Street – go park beside the Sea Walk, and walk West
towards the Cambie Street Bridge until you see the signs for the Dragon
Boat compound immediately after the bends in the walkway.

Newcomers are welcome.  Call me at 604-987-7124

Cheers, Todd

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