“Terry” by Douglas Coupland: a pictoria book about Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope

I won a copy of Terry, the pictorial book by Douglas Coupland, on Tuesday, the 25th anniversary.  CBC Radio's BC Almanac
asked listeners to phone in with their memories of Terry Fox.  All
people who got to speak on radio also had their names put in a draw for
the book.

I shared that Terry is very special to me because as a Terry's Team
member, I speak at Terry Fox Runs and elementary schools every
September.  It's been a blessing to meet the Fox Family and the
friends and coaches that Terry had. I explained that many Terry's Team
members say that they probably wouldn't be alive today if cancer
research hadn't progressed in the years since Terry's Run. Host Mark Forsythe  then asked what kind of cancer I had.

It was a great radio tribute to Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope as I had spent the morning listening to “Sounds Like Canada” host, Shelagh Rogers,
interview Terry's mother Betty, brother Darrell, and friend Doug
Alward, about their reflections and memories about Terry starting off
on his Marathon of Hope from Mile 0, in St. John's Newfoundland.

The show highlighted the unveiling of a “Mile 0” monument, and much
discussion was about what it was like as Terry dipped his artificial
leg into the St. John's harbour, filled up a jug of water to empty into
the Pacific Ocean, and started his run through the province of

Here is the Canadian Press story.
I saw a picture of the monument in the Vancouver Sun, but have yet to find a picture on the internet.

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