Gung Haggis dragon boat team social Saturday May 7th @ Doolin's Irish Pub + Kilts Night

Hello Paddling friends

- Hope you can come join a Gung Haggis dragon boat
team social on Saturday night at Doolin's Irish Pub.

We will be showing the Thalassa dragon boat
documentary, that some of you participated in last
year + the CBC TV performance special "Gung Haggis Fat
Choy" featuring musical fusion.

It starts at 6pm at Doolin's
Nelson and Granville St. in Downtown Vancouver
$15 dinner special is Irish Stew + lambshank + pint of

Free pint of Guinness if you wear a kilt
1st Saturday of every month is kilt night.
It's also an informal birthday celebration for me (May

Cheers, Todd

see below for the message I sent to this year's team.


Hope you had a good practice last Sunday with Bob.
Sorry I had to take off early to catch a plane for the
I did go canoeing on Kalamalka Lake - so I did get my
paddling time in.

It was great to have a full boat for the May 1
We have a very good mix of beginners and veterans. I
know the veteran paddlers are pleased. I do believe
this will be the best year for the team for:
1) paddler experience
2) variety of races
3) increased fundraising
4) $1000 sponsorship from The Roxy
5) extra cultural opportunities such as dragon head

May 7th
Doolin's Irish Pub - Nelson & Granville St.
Team dinner social
showing videos of: last year's team in dragon boat
documentary + Gung Haggis Fat Choy CBC TV performance
$15 gets you Irish Stew, Lambshank + pint of Guinness
dinner alternatives available...

This will be a great way for us to get to know each
other better and have some fun off the boat.
Feel free to invite your friends.

We will also be distributing tickets for our upcoming
June 5th fundraising party.

Also... we can help celebrate my birthday coming up on
May 11.

It is also Kilts Night at Doolin's
Wear a kilt and recieve a FREE pint of Guinness

MAY 8th Sunday
please arrive 10 minutes prior to 2pm.
practice starts at 2pm sharp.

Mother's Day...
Don't forget...
2pm practice gives you time to have brunch with Mom,
or dinner with the family...

See you Saturday & Sunday!
h: 604-987-7124
c: 604-240-7090

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