The Film: Chinese Restaurants – screening tonight in SURREY

Here's a fun event...
the film documentary series "CHINESE RESTAURANTS"
Tonight! in Surrey

I went to see the "Three Continents" installment, and it was very interesting
Imagine Madagascarians cooking Chinese Food!
Also featured in Noisy Jim Kook from Outlook Sasketchewan,
so popular he was asked to run for Mayor.
It's a wonderful journey through the Chinese diaspora,
a story about survival, courage and hope in a new land.

Cheers, Todd



We are now presenting a DOUBLE BILL on MAY 7 for the same price as a
single screening! Fantastic deal to see two excellent movies that are big hits
on the international film festival circuit!

In person: cinematographer Kwoi Gin
Q & A Session

explorFILM - May 7 - 7:30pm
Films: "Chinese Restaurants" documentaries - "Three Continents"

explorFILM - May 7 - 9:30pm
Films: "Chinese Restaurants" documentaries - "Song of the Exile"

Tickets $10.00 + $1.45 s/c

Info/Box Office 604-501-5566 (pay by VISA or MasterCard)

Surrey Art Centre
13750 - 88 Avenue in Bear Creek Park
Surrey, BC

explorFILM - May 7 - 7:30pm
"Three Continents"

Toronto filmmaker Cheuk Kwan visits family-run Chinese restaurants in
Madagascar, Norway and Canada to explore the meaning of "home" in
Chinese communities on three continents. In the port city of Tamatave,
Madagascar, home to a sizable Chinese population, a rendezvous at Restaurant Le
Jade leads to an intriguing historical question: Did the Chinese come to
Madagascar in the fifteenth century, years before the Europeans?

In Norway's land of the midnight sun, Michael and Ting Wong operate the
Little Buddha, one of the very few Chinese restaurants inside the
Arctic Circle, where the Norwegian waitresses struggle with the owners' desire
to impose Hong Kong-style efficiency and the Chinese-born kitchen workers
talk of their loneliness so far from home. In Outlook, Saskatchewan, "Noisy"
Jim Kook ran the New Outlook Café for forty years - and became the most
popular man in town - after making his way to Canada at a time when most
Chinese immigration into the country was officially barred by the Chinese
Act of 1923. Colour, Beta SP video. 80 mins.

explorFILM - May 7 - 9:30pm
"Song of the Exile"

Three extraordinary families who run Chinese restaurants in,
respectively, Israel, South Africa, and Turkey share their moving stories of
struggle, courage, displacement and belonging, and reveal the complexities of
what it means to be "Chinese" today. In Haifa, Israel, a land where religious
and ethnic identity are often powerful sources of tension, an ethnic
Chinese refugee from Vietnam named Kien Wong and his family run the Yan Yan
Restaurant and negotiate their complex identities as evangelical
Christian, ethnic Chinese citizens of a Jewish homeland surrounded by Arab states.
In Cape Town, South Africa, the city's first Chinese restaurant, the
Golden Dragon, was opened by Lam Al Ying, a Chinese man who was classified as
"white" under Apartheid but whose wife Onkuen, also Chinese, was
classified as "coloured." Istanbul's China Restaurant, Turkey's oldest Chinese
eatery, was opened in 1957 by Wang Zhengshan, a Chinese Muslim who led his
family on a dramatic trek by foot over the Himalayas in 1949 in order to flee
Mao's victorious Communists. Colour, Beta SP video. 80 mins.

An original, fascinating, charming and sensitive examination of human
tenacity and decency at its best.
- June Callwood, Canadian author

A colourful travelogue of a global citizen.
- Hong Kong International Film Festival

A brilliant and incisive look at the intersection of Chinese
immigration and local politics.
- San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival

A fascinating journey exploring relationships between culture,
geography and Chinese restaurants, it will make your taste-buds sing!
- Vancouver International Film Festival

The film seeks solutions to the problems inherent in multi-racial and
multi-cultural societies.
- Pusan International Film Festival

Don't miss the screening of Cheuk Kwan's latest film in his series
"Chinese Restaurants" and the encore screening of "Song of the Exile" at the
Studio Theatre in Surrey! Meet the cinematographer Kwoi Gin at the Q&A session
after the show.


If you have ever worked in a restaurant or were raised in a restaurant
family, you will definitely enjoy these two films.
Hope to see you on Saturday night at the Surrey Art Centre.

Don Montgomery
Executive Director

Phone 604.488.0119
Direct 604.878.6888

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