Jazz Festival has lots to offer in cross-cultural music – Diana Krall opens the Vancouver International Jazz Festival

Vancouver International Jazz Festival starts this weekend.
Great line-up of cross-cultural music and performers…

Music is always something that evolves and transcends boundaries and
bigotry.  Lots of performers and lots of free events around
town.  Tognight, I will be at the festival opener – Diana Krall
at the Orpheum Theatre.  Diana is sort of a hometown girl, as she
was born and raised in the small town of Nanaimo, just a short ferry
ride across the Georgia Straight on Vancouver Island.

My favorite DK songs?  Tom Wait's Temptation, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Let's Face the Music and Dance…
and Patsy Cline's I'm Crazy… and her duet with Ray Charles for You Don't Know Me.

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