Todd Wong hosts explorASIAN readings with Joy Kogawa, Jessica Gin-Jade, Alexis Kienlen + Michelle Wong

Okay... so I'm going to be on television yet again... 
but this time it is on Saltwater Water City television show.
And I am hosting the explorASIAN readings for Asian Heritage Month.

The following is from Sid Tan - who filmed, edited and produces Saltwater City TV.

Highlights of the evening on Saltwater City TV will broadcast this
Sunday June 26, 2005 with repeats (schedule follows) on $haw cable 4, the
community channel.

Hosted by Todd Wong, this explorAsian presentation was recorded on May 14 at Our Town Cafe and features readings by Joy Kogawa, Michelle
Wong, Alexis Kienlen and Jessica Gin-Jade.

Sunday June 26 at 1:00PM
Monday June 27 at 10:30PM
Thursday June 30 at 2:30PM
Saturday July 2 at 11:30AM

On $haw cable 4 - the community channel - in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley. Saltwater City TV broadcasts thanks to ICTV exercising
its entitlement to access to Shaw cable 4, the cable community channel.

Saltwater City TV thanks the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society, the Asian Canadian Writers' Workshop, the Chinese Canadian National
Council and especially all the wordsmiths and volunteers for their help with this program and event.

If you want copies, set your VCR to record it. Or ask a friend. It takes alot of time to respond to requests for copies, especially since
this is volunteer community television and we have hard costs for tapes, transportation and refreshments. And yes, you are always welcome to
send in a couple of dollars to support ICTV and citizen-access to the public airwaves. Make it out to ICTV but put transmitter fund on it.

Also let our broadcast regulator, the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (email:, know what
you think about the current state of community television in Vancouver. Do it now as $haw's license renewal is up in August.

Ask the CRTC why cable companies such as $haw get all the public money from the subscriber funded community channel levy and community
television groups like ICTV not only get no money. Worse, community groups have to deal with $haw, which once denied ICTV access, for their entilement to
resources and broadcast times.

Saltwater City TV Television is an Association of Chinese Canadians for Equality and Solidarity Society ACCESS/ICTV Independent Community
Television Co-operative volunteer production.

For more about ICTV and to volunteer, go to or call
604.254.5844. We are volunteer managed and operated so please have a
little patience.

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