Going to Harrison for Dragon boats and the Harrison Festival of the Arts

The Harrison Festival of the Arts,
has always sounded real cool. But I have never managed to find my way
out to Harrison since 1989.  This year there is a dragon boat
race, the inaugural Fraser Valley Dragon Boat Festival put on in conjunction with the Festival of the Arts.  Looks like I will finally get there.

Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team
will race with a recreational crew bolstered by some paddlers from CC
Riders and Drunkin' Dragons.  Our practice felt pretty solid on
Wednesday night with only 16 people in the boat.  I think we will
have a good time.

Two hours East of Vancouver is the idyllic resort community of Harrison Hot Spring,
known for its famous hot springs and the annual sand castle
competition.  I first visited the public springs when I was a
pre-teen.  I thought it was crowded.  But in my twenties, I
learned to search for the untamed wild hot springs such as Meagre
Creek, Halcyon, Hot Springs Cove and Hot Springs Island.  Today in
my 40's, I still resist learning to say “Yes” when my girlfriend offers
to take me to the Harrison Resort for a weekend.

Dragonboats and Hot Springs… could be a deadly combination –
especially if you throw in the words “party” and “wineries.” 
Maybe we will find a way to stay overnight in Harrison afterall.

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