Letter to the Sun: Chinese head tax redress Bill C-333 is an affront to justice

Letter to the Vancouver Sun : Chinese head tax redress Bill C-333 is an affront to justice

RE: The liberals bungle a great opportunity to do the right thing.
By Brad Lee
Saturday Nov 19th, page C7

Bill C-333 is an affront to justice

I am a 5th Generation Chinese Canadian.
Bill C-333 is an affront to justice and Canadian values.

Every year my WW2 vet grand uncle writes to the government asking for an apology.  Ain’t going to happen.

Raymond Chan is making secret deals with the National Congress of
Chinese Canadians
–this group does not accurately represent actual head
tax payers nor their descendants – the Chinese Canadian National
does.  Chan and the NCCC are basically all immigrants that came
to Canada after 1967.  The head tax was last paid in 1923, before the
Chinese exclusion act closed the doors until 1947.  These guys just
want the $12.5 million.

1 – Chinese had to pay the head tax – no other ethnic or racial group was taxed.
2 – We endured over a century's worth of
racial discrimination and prejudice.
3) The government is ignoring us, and speaking to immigrants who did not pay the head tax.

The majority of head tax descendants are multi-generational Canadians
who all speak English, eh? – Why is Chan only talking to Chinese media?

It’s time for all Chinese-Canadians to wake up and protest. 
Register on-line as a headtax descendant.  The liberals are giving away OUR money that our ancestors sweated for.

Todd Wong aka “Toddish McWong”


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