Grand Chief Edward John says PM Paul Martin's apology isn't good enough – “He should ask for forgiveness”

Grand Chief Edward John says PM Paul Martin's apology isn't good enough – “He should ask for forgiveness”

I attended the Liberal press conference where Ministes David Emerson
and Ujjal Dosangh tabled their BC platform and policy meeting today at
the Liberal Headquarters.

Nobody mentioned head tax – not once.
Fairchild Radio said that they have been covering everyday…
World Journal was surprised….

I am sure that a question would have arose – but Dosanjh cut off questioning.

I just wanted to say thank you, to David Emerson and Ujjal Dosangh for
moving the apology and head tax issue forward, then ask them to next
rescind the Agreement in Principle now, given that they have said they
will ask PM Paul Martin to make an offical apology in the House of
Commons (once re-elected).

I did talk to one of the Liberal handlers, and expressed my thoughts,
and he was able to introduce me to David Emerson when he walked around
the corner in the next moment.

“Thank you for taking the lead for the head tax apology,”  I told him.

He was pleased and gracious in recieving the good news, and he said it was important for them to do so.

I next said that “But many Chinese Canadians feel that it wasn't a real
apology, and It's important for the Prime Minister to say it for
English Media, because all the descendants like myself speak English,
and to rescind the AiP.

Emerson appeared understanding, and I think he said “English media? We'll see what we can do.”

I also talked with Grand Chief Edward John,
of the First Nations
Summit, who was there to see the Liberals follow up on First Nations
issues.  He says that the Paul Martin “apology” for Chinese
Canadians was not good enough.  John agreed that an apology is
more important than acknowledgment.  And in
an apology, for English media, that the Prime Minister should say “We
ask for forgiveness.”

I like this man.  He speaks well, and
with presence.  He is looking forward to redress settlement with the
next government.  He knows it is coming.  He says the problems and the
delay is with the government policies.  I tell him that Joy Kogawa says
that HEALING was the most important thing that came from the Japanese
Canadian redress.  Edward John agrees.

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