ADBF regatta: Gung Haggis Fat Choy Kogawa House dragon boat team hits the water!

Another successful and fun day of dragon boat racing for the Gung
Haggis Fat Choy Kogawa House team!  We raced at the Sunday
afternoon sessions of the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival regatta.  It
is a good warm-up for the Alcan Dragon Boat Festival which will take
place in two weeks.

Race #1
a warm up…  getting use to the format, lots of distractions during
marshalling and out on the water.  6 boats in a heat.  This pace may
have been our best rate. 
Lots of caterpiller paddling… people were paddling out of time.  We lost some steam in the middel.

Race #2
much better…  we slowed down the pace, and we had much better
timing.  People got paddles deeper.  We nailed the start on this race,
and the boat really took off.  We lost our steam during the middle, but
we surged with strength for a good finish, passing a boat in the

Race # 3
We brought the pace up a bit for the
starts, but we didn't slow down for the transition to race pace.  But
everybody body kept up with the fast pace for most of it. 
Unfortunately a faster pace doesn't allow for a longer reach, so
paddlers missed some strokes, and we fell behind the team beside us. 
We will work on our endurance this week.  But again… a good finish…
People really respond to the calls for “More”

We finished 4th or 5th – very close in our final race.  We
demonstrated we have good power, but weak endurance.  We look
forward to making improvements for the ADBF races in two weeks.

It was wonderful seeing people enjoy themselves, ask questions about
dragon boat racing, bring food…  and making suggestions. 
Paddlers will giving newbies, tips on how to paddle.  New rookies
were asking for assistance as well as questions.  The team
cohesion is developing very nicely.

Queenie, Marian, Gurmeet and Teresa were the dragon boat initiates of the day.

We had a different drummer in each race! 
We had a different set of lead strokes for each race.
We had two different steers people.
Some people paddled different sides for different races.
Everybody raced at least 2X – we rotated almost everybody. 

Thank you everybody for being so flexible and adapting to each
situation.  It really prepares us for possible circumstances on ADBF

Deb is now certified for steering races at ADBF, giving us safe straight passage down the race course + before and after.

Natalie came to race with us during her “lunch hour” from work…. 
Julie came to race with us as soon as she could after her Polynesian
dance classes – Great dedication to the team.

From now to ADBF,
we will focus on specific race strategies and seat positions, as well
as finding out what worked best for you on Reggata weekend. 

Rotating paddlers…
We rotate everybody – except key positions to develop consistency.
If you sat out the first race – it was because we wanted to ensure that
you were in our race finals – because we value your experience and
strength.  Newer and less experienced paddlers were rotated out during
the last race.

We feel that rotating everybody is fair for
everybody.  If you did not rotate out during the regatta – expect to be
rotated out during race weekend.

See you Tuesday…  6pm  @ Dragon Zone.

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