World Peace Forum features June 24 concert with Buffy Sainte-Marie, K'naan and The Be Good Tanyas

World Peace Forum features June 24 concert 
with Buffy Sainte-Marie,
K'naan and The Be Good Tanyas

World Peace is definitely intercultural. We have to learn to live together
in order for us to have peace. Buffy Sainte-Marie is defintely an intercultural
pioneer. She embraces both her Cree and her Canadian heritage. She is a
song writer famous for her 1960's songs "Universal Soldier," and "Until It's
Time for You to Go." In the 1980's she wrote "Up Where We Belong" for the movie
An Officer and a Gentleman. In the 1990's, she released her most poignant album,
"Coincidences and Likely Stories" featuring contemporary North American Native
songs such as "Starwalker," "The Big Ones Get Away", "Fallen Angels", and
"Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee."

The following message is from World Peace Forum secretary Ellen Woodsworth:

Please go to the World Peace Forum web site and
join the 40,000 plus people a day to check out all the events that are
coming up over the next few weeks as part of the World Peace Forum.

This Sunday there is the Women's Craft Faire at the Heritage Hall on
Main St.

The Canadian Landmines Foundation and the World Peace Forum present

Two generations of Canadian Voices
Singing for a Peaceful World

Buffy Sainte-Marie K'Naan The Be Good Tanyas

A fundraising concert for the Canadian Landmines Foundation

Saturday, June 24, 8pm
Orpheum Theatre

Tickets at 604-280-4444

Towards a world without landmines I

When wars end, the surviving soldiers take their weapons and go home.
Not landmines. They stay in the ground. They don't know the difference
between war and peace. They don't know the difference between the
footsteps of a soldier and the footsteps of a child. They don't wear out.
Today, as a result of the Ottawa Treaty of 1997, three quarters of the
countries of the world have repudiated this weapon. Trade has stopped. 60
million landmines held in stockpile have been destroyed. The Canadian
Landmine Foundation, a partner in the global Adopt-A-Minefield Campaign,
is working against time to remove the existing landmines before they
damage another farmer, mother, child, or peacekeeper and to aid those who
have already been hurt.

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