Gung Haggis Fat Choy 2007 Dinner – Awesome… Really Awesome!

Gung Haggis Fat Choy 2007 Dinner – Awesome… Really Awesome!

Big Big compliments abounded.

Thank you Priya Ramu… your presence was wonderful, you and the
mini-kilt were over the top!  You've been properly Gung Haggisized!

Thank you Qiu Xia and Andre – Silk Road Music… what a pair you
are!  So Gung Haggis!  You set us off on a musical journey
and we followed.

Thank you Heather Pawsey… you astound us everytime!
Thank you Kathryn… you jumped right in with your beautiful flute for your first Gung Haggis experience.

Thank you Leora Cashe and Jaye Krebs… your performance blew us away. Welcome to the Clan

Thank you Joe, Chris and Nealamjit – what a broad aural experience that
Brave Waves always colours GHFC with!  You make it texturally

Thank you Lensey Namioka!  Your reading of Half and Half described our food, and was a hoot!

Thank you Trevor, Matt and Paul.  No Luck Club brought a special ambience to our
reception, and your production of the Gung HAGGIS RAP Choy, was a

Thank you Margaret Gallagher! You embrace Gung Haggis Hapa-ness! and project it so well!

Thank you Grace & Zen – wonderful performance that had people
laughing at Asian dating!  Hope more people will come see Twisting

Thank you Ian Mason- our resident Burns expert, you brought in Eco-Burns – WOW!

Thank you Harry Aoki – you bring a special presence with your
incredible support for the Joy Kogawa House, and you ethno-musical
knowledge, your bass and your harmonica.

Thank you Charlie Cho, you kept us on track and we were s-m-o-o-t-h!

Thank you Carl Schmidt, you made us sound great, looked after us on stage! WOW!

Thank you to our dedicated volunteers from Ricepaper Magazine and
Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team.  You are our face to the
public when they arrive, check in, buy our raffle tickets, and deliver
their prizes.  You are truly special.

Thank you to our audience members for being so attentive and
appreciative of our show.  Special thanks to Mayor Sam Sullivan
for reading a Chinese poem and giving a warm Vancouver welcome. 
More special thanks to Ellen Woodsworth, Jaime Edwards, Heather Deal,
Peter Ladner and Emma “McChan” for each reading a verse of Robbie
Burns' immortal poem about equality – “A Man's A Man For All That.”

Thank you to our many sponsors for prizes… that really reflect our
intercultural and multicultural society!  Especially to Joseph
Roberts and Common Ground for sponsoring our head table and posters,
and to Sandhill Wines for providing wine for our event, and to Firehall
Arts Centre for selling our tickets and mailing them out to our
patrons.  Thank you to Floata Restaurant for making our haggis dim
sum, and providing a wonderful venue for our event.

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