Performers at Gung Haggis Fat Choy 2007 – where to see them next!

It was incredible that so many of our performers were creating ways to
play with each other and be inclusive – just like real interculturalism
– instead of being in little multicultural boxes looking pretty for
multicultural show and tell… You guys make it so dynamic!

Road with Heather Pawsey & Kathryn Cernauskas performing Mo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower)…
Harry Aoki with Leora Cashe and Jaye Krebs performing Stardust and Chinatown My Chinatown…
Leora &
Jaye with Qiu Xia and Andre performing a jazzy instrumental…
Grace Chin, Zen Shane Lim, Priya Ramu all joining Margaret Gallagher, Heather Pawsey,
and myself on the singalsongs.
Chris Trinidad and Nealamjit Dhillon from Brave Waves joining in bass
and tabla drums on
the Gung Haggis RAP Choy with  No Luck Club's Trevor Chan, while
Todd and Joe McDonald rapped the Robbie Burns verses, with Grace,
Margaret, Heather and Leora joining in on the Chorus. 

Awesome…  I am still trying to
take everything in.

And hopefully more people from the audience will find our 2007 performers:

  • Listen to Priya Ramu, host of CBC Radio's “On the Coast” – 690 AM, 3pm to 6pm 
  • go see Twisting Fortunes with Grace and Zen and Charlie!
  • come out to a traditional Burns dinner (Ian – we can start a “Young Burns Club” as an auxilliary to the Burns Club of Vancouver)
  • see
    Qiu Xia He perform at Capilano College on Feb 2, at “Night Bird Singing”
    concert before Silk Road Music goes for an extended tour in Toronto Feb
    4 to March
  • recognize Heather Pawsey at the Vancouver Opera's Magic Flute, or see her at “Night Bird Singing,” at Capilano College on Feb 2
  • see
    Leora Cashe Feb 11th at Terry Fox Theatre or on March 11  at The Cellar for a
    Joni Mitchell tribute set at The Cellar on March 11… or most Sunday
    mornings with Jaye at the Centre for Spiritual Living, at the Masonic
  • see Margaret Gallagher on “Living in Vancouver” on CBC TV with fello hapa Jennifer Burke.
  • come to see No Luck Club at the Anza Club on Feb 2, for the CJSF Anniversary party!
  • recognize Lensey Namioka's books at the stores, or the libraries!
  • come to Harry's First Friday Forum at the Nikkei Heritage Centre for intercultural music and discussion.
  • say Hi to Carl, when he does his cound gigs at The Roxy or around town.
  • catch Joe McDonald with Brave Waves, Mad Celts or solo around town…

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