Dawn Pemberton of The Shirleys is artist in residence at RIME

Dawn Pemberton of The Shirleys is artist in residence at RIME for April

I like The Shirleys. Who wouldn't like “eight sassy, soulful women singing the songs that they feel could help make the world just that much better.”

Here's a picture of Toddish McWong with The Shirleys at the WISE Hall at a “Women in Politics” COPE fundraiser / birthday celebration for Ellen Woodsworth May 27, 2005.  Dawn Pemberton is the diva on the far right. – photo Meena Wong

The Shirleys were one of the best received performers at the 2006 Gung Haggis Fat Choy Robbie Burns Chinese New Year Dinner.  They performed accapella versions of the traditional Chinese song Mo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower), an African lullabye and Woman's Song for Beijing.  Wherever they go, the Shirleys have a tendency to raiser the audience to their feet and bring the house down.

Dawn Pemberton is one of the Shirleys Divas.  She will be the Artist in Residence for April at RIME.

Shirleys Diva Keona Hammond sent me the following notice:

The smokin’ and fabulous,

always spectaculous,





is April’s artist in residence at RIME.

That’s right,

The Shirleys’ own scintillating diva is taking over the town,

and that means that every Sunday night will be





Here are the details,

Now it’s up to you to


to have Sunday nights with Dawn.

Location    1130 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Admission     Cover $8 @ the door

Contact     604.215.1130 or see www.rime.ca

April 1st

The No Shit Shirleys

are eight soulful singing women offering up an acapella stew guaranteed
to kick you in the pants! They sing everything from Cuban Carnival
music and tragic Russian love songs to sweet Mandarin flirtations and
wrenching Appalachian protests. Their harmonies are complex, their
arrangements original and they sing in at least seven different
languages. Their mission: to promote joy, love and happiness through
singing and – if possible – to save the world. Can they do it? We say

April 8th

Dawn Pemberton
and Curt Allison host a
Sunday night gospel and soul experience guaranteed to make you stomp
your feet, clap your hands and sing your heart out! Curt Allison,
hailing all the way from North Carolina, plays with fiery determination
and invokes some of gospel's greatest piano players!  Together Curt and
Dawn will blow the roof off!

April 15th

The Dawn Pemberton Trio creates an intimate, connected, soulful
and heartfelt setting with their arrangements and adaptations of the
songs that we all know and love.  Together they explore and craft their
own book of modern standards with a sense of adventure, curiosity,
quirkiness and serious groove.  Dawn Pemberton-vocals, Jeff
Younger-guitar, Cory Curtis-bass.

April 22nd

Dawn Pemberton Trio dive right in and
explore the massive musical legacy of The Beatles.  Dawn
Pemberton-vocals, Jeff Younger-guitar, Cory Curtis-bass.

April 29th

The Deep End
is a 7 piece funk and soul
locomotive that will lay the dirty on you like no one else can!!! Bring
your dancing shoes and get ready to throw down. The Deep End is
Kristian Naso-trumpet, Dan Pigot-tenor sax, Shannon Thue-keys, Cory
Curtis-bass, Jeff Younger-guitar and Dawn Pemberton-vocals.  PS…It's
also Dawn's Birthday so come on out and help her celebrate!

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