Georgia Straight: What do you remember about Roy Mah?

My friends George Chow, Wesley Lowe and myself were asked what we remembered about Roy Mah.  Also asked were Don Lee and Tung Chan.  I have known Wesley through his volunteer work with the the Chinese Canadian veterans Pacific Unit 280, and also the Chinese Canadian Military Museum.  Lowe recently completed his film biography “I am the Canadian Delegate” about Douglas Jung, WW2 veteran and the first Chinese Canadian elected to Parliament.  I know George through various community groups such as Anniversaries 07 Committee and his work as a City Councillor.  Earlier this year, George e-mailed me for some advice when he was asked to read a Robbie Burns poem for a Robbie Burns dinner.


Straight Issues

What do you remember about Roy Mah?

George Chow
Vancouver city councillor

read his magazines when I was younger. I think his contribution to the
community is that he spearheaded the English press in the Chinese
community and inspired Chinese Canadians who took up writing or arts.”

Todd Wong
Creator of the Gung Haggis Fat Choy intercultural celebration

wanted the best for everybody. You never heard him whine or say bad
things about people. He just worked quietly and created the kind of
world that he wanted to live in and for other people to enjoy.”

Wesley Lowe
Film producer and director

helped pave the way for a multicultural Canada. You and I wouldn't be
here if it wasn't for that. He was very proud of his role in helping
change the racist policies of Canada.”

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