The DUNSMUIRS – a theatrical telling of the enigmatic BC historical figure who employed Chinese labourers

The DUNSMUIRS – a theatrical telling of the enigmatic BC historical figure who employed Chinese labourers

Todd Wong aka “Toddish McWong” stands in front or Craigdarroch Castle, the real castle imported stone by stone from Scotland, built by Robert Dunsmuir, BC's richest man, and 5th richest in North America. – photo Tracey Louie


The Dunsmuirs: Alone at the Edge

Oct 5 -20, 2007

Presentation House Theatre

333 Chesterfield Ave

North Vancouver, BC V7M 3G9

Rod Langley has written a play about Robert Dunsmuir and his family. Learn about The Dunsmuirs
who built Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, and how Robert Dunsmuir
became the 5th richest man in North America, on the backs of Asian coal
miners in Nanaimo/Cumberland.

Check out this play about Robert Dunsmuir, the BC Premier who spoke out against anti-Asian legislation… partly because he employed Japanese and Canadian coal miners at lower wages.

Earlier this year I visited Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, and talked with operations manager Yvonne Sharpe.  We discussed Dunsmuir's interactions with the Asian populations, and what a Gung Haggis Fat Choy event might look like… at Craigdarroch Castle.  That's why… I have to see this play!

Opening October 5
Sea Theatre Presents

The Dunsmuirs:

Alone at the Edge

Rod Langley. Directed by Bill Devine. Starring Duncan Fraser, Lee Van
Paassen, Daniel Arnold, Mike Wasko, Cat Main, and Wiliam Samples.
Lighting design: Michael Schaldemose, Set design: Gary and Lynda Chu,
Costumes: Sandy Buck, Sound Design: Paul Moniz De Sa, Stage Manager:
Colleen Totten.

play chronicles Robert Dunsmuir's rags to riches ascent and the
eventual price he pays for money and power. It focuses on the early
years when the family was clawing their way from mine workers to
owners. Dunsmuir's discovery of a vast coal deposit in Nanaimo, his
scramble to gain control over the Wellington Mine, and his scab labour
tactics, netted him a fortune in coal. His ascent, literally over the
dead bodies of his friends and supporters, brings this play to a
stunning climax.

“The story of the Dunsmuirs is a hell of a tale that's got everything:
ambition, greed, ruthlessness, scandal, danger and despair…the
writing is tight and lively.”

2 for 1 Tuesdays: Oct 9 $ 16

Tickets are $20 for Adults and $15 for Students/Seniors. October 4-20 at 8pm.

Click here to see an interview with some of the cast.

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