Seattle Gung Haggis Fat Choy, Sunday February 15th.

Gung Haggis Fat Choy III in Seattle Washington: 200 strong and amazing!

2009_Gung_Haggis_Seattle 059 by you.

Todd Wong and Joe McDonald (centre), went down to Seattle on February 15th, to
take their manic Gung Haggis Rap south of the Canadian border. Here they stand with Red McWilliams (left) and Don Scobie (right), following an exciting Seattle program of Chinese lion dances, Scottish bagpipes, Chinese dancers, Highland dancers, and the Asian Youth Orchesta. – photo Deb Martin.

It was 5pm at Ocean City Restaurant in Seattle's International District, the day after Valentine's Day.  Where were you?  Todd Wong, Joe McDonald and Deb Martin, were still driving to Seattle after a 2 hour delay at the US Border.  They arrived about 6pm, as the Kenmore & District Pipe Band has just followed David Leong's Bellwon Martial Arts Lion dancers.

2009_Gung_Haggis_Seattle 015

Joe McDonald raps the Address to the Haggis, “An' legs and arms and heads will sned like taps of thrissle”, while Bill McFadden and Todd Wong look on – photo Deb Martin.

Bill McFadden, producer of Gung Haggis Fat Choy III in Seattle, set up a program that really featured Seattle's youth, by featuring the Melody Chinese dance Group, Karen Shelton Highland Dancers, and the Asian Youth Orchestra.

2009_Gung_Haggis_Seattle 023

Melody Dance Troupe, performs a fan dance – photo Todd Wong

2009_Gung_Haggis_Seattle 031

Young dancers performs the sword dance – photo T. Wong

2009_Gung_Haggis_Seattle 030

The Highland Fling – photo T. Wong

2009_Gung_Haggis_Seattle 034

Asian Youth Orchestra peforms drums – photo T. Wong

2009_Gung_Haggis_Seattle 038

After Emily's performance drew standing ovations, Todd Wong exclaimed “That song's not Chinese!” as Emily smiled.  “That song was Czardas, a Romanian song… I play that on my accordion.  What a wonderful display of technique by Emily!”

2009_Gung_Haggis_Seattle 050

Young Chinese drummers raise their arms in excitement at the end of their performance! – photo Todd Wong

2009_Gung_Haggis_Seattle 052

The Kenmore & District Pipe Band played to bring a rousing finale! photo Todd Wong

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