Mayor's Arts Awards celebrate Evelyn Lau and Alvin Tolentino in Literary and Dance categories!


Evelyn Lau, Literary Arts Honouree speaks at the City of Vancouver 2010 Mayor's Arts Awards.  Her choice of emerging Artist was writer Kaitlyn Fontana – whom Lau had only met in person the night of the awards.  Previously Lau and Fontana communicated by email only, as Lau had given literary feedback to Fontana.

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 106 by Toddish McWong
After the awards ceremony, Lau was congratulated by Todd Wong and Patricia Lim, managing editor of Ricepaper Magazine.  Lau has contributed to Ricepaper Magazine many times and is featured in the just-released 15th Anniversary edition.  Wong is a main organizer of the 15th Anniversary Gala Dinner which will feature Lau as an award recipient for the ACWW Community Builder Award, on December 11th.

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 015 by Toddish McWong
Bill Richardson hosted the Mayor's Arts Awards, that were held at 560 Club, the former site of the now defunct A&B Sound record and stereo store. 

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 009 by Toddish McWong
Dustin Rivers gave an eloquent speech in his native Squamish language.  He was the Emerging Artist chosen by Cease Wyss, the honouree for the Film and New Media Award.

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 061 by Toddish McWong
Community Arts Honouree Carmen Rosen (right) smiles fondly at Maggie Winston, her choice for Emerging Artist.  I have known Carmen since 2005, when she performed at the Gung Haggis Fat Choy Dinner as a Celtic musician.  Carmen is the organizer of the Moon Festival held each year at the Renfrew Ravine.  She can also be found walking on stilts for other festivals such as Winter Solstice and Chinese New Year Festivals.

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 067 by Toddish McWong
Sal Ferreras is the Music Award Honouree.  He chose Evan Arntzen as Emerging Artist.  Sal is an incredible teacher of music at UBC, as well as a percussionist.  He really knows no cultural boundaries when performing music with musicians of many cultures and disciplines.

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 063 by Toddish McWong

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 012 by Toddish McWong

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 072 by Toddish McWong
The walls of the club were used as back drops for the projections announcing each award winner.

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 079 by Toddish McWong
Dance Award Honouree Alvin Erasga Tolentino chose Sujit Vaidya as Emerging Artist, describing the young Indian Classical Dancer with much enthusiasm.  I have known Alvin for about 10 years, and have watched many of his performances at the Firehall Arts Centre, the Roundhouse and Vancouver East Cultural Centre.

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 098 by Toddish McWong
Philanthropist Award recipient is Yosef Wosk, whom I first met many years ago at a board meeting for the Vancouver Public Library.  Very appropriate, since Yosef loves libraries – one of his current projects is helping to develop libraries in developing countries.  He is also the creator of SFU's Philosophy Cafes, which I helped program and co-host in 2003 for Vancouver Asian Heritage Month.

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 111 by Toddish McWong
Three Vancouver City workers with author Evelyn Lau: City Councilor Heather Deal, who handles the arts portfolio on council; Cultural Services worker Claudia who had helped to set up the Mayor's Arts Awards along with many other events last week; libary worker Todd Wong who has helped to set up programs for Vancouver libraries in his roles with Asian Canadian Writers' Workshop, such as the inaugural One Book One Vancouver program.  Evelyn has told me that she would like to work at the library.  I think that Evelyn should be the library's next writer-in-residence.

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