Lucia Di Lammermoor – blogger night and kilts @ the opera

Kilts and Bloggers to the opera

Photo by Frances Sprout – check out her blog

Saturday was the opening night for the bel canto opera Lucia Di Lammermoor.   Written by the Italian Donizetti, it was set in the exotic locale of the lowlands of Scotland amidst feuding clans.

The last time Vancouver Opera performed an opera set in Scotland was Verdi's Macbeth for November 2006.
Here's my review: Vancouver Opera's Macbeth: Italian opera based on an English play about Scottish ambitions

Last time, it was icy and freezing.  I wore my Ancient Fraser Hunting Tartan.  This time I wore my new very yellow Macleod tartan.  I paired it with my black and gold waistcoat and a bright yellow tie.

Lucia di Lammermoor is a wonderful opera experience.  The music is thrilling.  The sets are amazing.  The story is simple… a variation of Romeo and Juliet, set in the Scottish moors, with a little bit of Glee Club mixed in (must remember that back in early 1700's, girls were married off in their teens!).

At intermission, I stopped by the blogger tables and met the bloggers: Stacey Robinsmith, Nik Belonio, Miranda Lievers and Frances Sprout.  I had some great little chats with Miranda and Frances.  Frances loved my outfit and even took a picture of me for her blog!

Opera review coming:

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