C.X. Cheng’s Wolf Coven: Blood Moon Launches at literASIAN 2013

cxchengC.X.Cheng is one of the fresh new voices in Asian Canadian literary world.    Born and raised in Vancouver British Columbia, C.X. Cheng has had an interest and flair in writing and storytelling, but it wasn’t until recently with the determination to make something of himself that he created his first book, Wolf Coven: Blood Moon.

From werewolves to vampires, zombies to sorcerers, Wolf Coven: Blood Moon opens a door to a world of supernatural wonders, which exist right under the noses of human civilization. Powers from the Cosmic realms and beings from other dimensions come to help them maintain the façade that is all that protects their secret world.

C.X. Cheng will be launching his new book on Sunday November 24, 2013 at the literASIAN Asian Canadian Writers’ Festival.


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