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Ricepaper Magazine 15th Anniversary + ACWW Community Builder Awards

ACWW Community Builder Awards
to Evelyn Lau and Tradewind Books
at the 15th Anniversary Ricepaper Dinner

December 11th
Foo's Ho Ho Restaurant
Vancouver Chinatow

It was a successful evening, when somebody tells you that they can hear people laughing from down the hall.  Co-hosts Tetsuro Shigematsu and Todd Wong had the audience laughing and feeling they were all part of the Ricepaper community.   From their opening welcomes, they acknowledged all the writers in the room: Sean Gunn, Faye Leung, Charlie Cho, Lee Su-Feh, Larry Wong, Jim Wong-Chu, Evelyn Lau, Jenny Uechi, Bob Sung, Gail Yip, Ken Yip.  They introduced the Ricepaper editors, Eury Chang and Patricia Lim + Ricepaper volunteers, ACWW Board members, Allan Cho, Ray Hsu, Tetsuro and Todd, as well as the members of the Friend's of Foo's Ho Ho Committee that had helped to organize the event with ACWW, and Ricepaper.

Tetsuro worked the crowd talking about the role that Ricepaper Magazine plays, while Todd playfully held up a cover of Ricepaper Magazine with Tetsuro's picture on it – “The Icon Issue”. Todd gave a very quick history of Ricepaper Magazine from it's humble beginnings as a newletter, acknowledging some of it's founders in the room, Jim Wong-Chu, Sean Gunn and Sid Tan, opening up the 15th Anniversary issue, to the Ricepaper origins stories Jim and Sean had written.  Todd also pointed out the people that had been profiled in Ricepaper such as writers Wayson Choy, Joy Kogawa, Denise Chong, environmentalist David Suzuki, dancer/choreographer Andrea Nann, and many others.

Good old Cantonese Pioneer “Soul Food”, is how attendee Bob Sun described the menu.  It was very fitting considering the pioneer history roots from which many of the ACWW and Ricepaper organizers have.  Soup was followed by an appetizer plate of garlic ribs, pan-fried squid and deep-fried chicken wings. Pan-fried sticky rice chicken is a Foo's Ho Ho specialty.  Mushrooms and Bok Choy, followed the black bean vegetables. Pan-fried prawns were followed by black bean fish, and more dishes.  It was good eating all around. 

During the dinner courses, volunteers sold raffle tickets, people socialized, and also checked out the many prizes such as theatre tickets to Red Letters and Rising Phoenix, bottles of wine,  + more.

2010_December_Ricepaper_Dinner 008 Co-host Todd Wong – photo Deb Martin

Tradewind books by Paul Yee, were a very successful live auction item.  Todd successfully conducted the live auction taking bids from both sides of the room with Tetsuro's help.  The book set contained “The Bone Collector's Son” which is the only children's book to be nominated for the Vancouver Book Prize. Also included were The Jade Necklace, What Happened This Summer, Shu-Li and Tamara, Shu-Li and Diego and also Bamboo – which was a nominee for BC Book Prizes Childrens' Literature Award. Lively bidding went between many different bidders… finally going to Vancouver City Councilor Raymond Louie.

What an introduction to Tradewind Books!  Todd next gave a brief history about the ACWW Community Builder Award, citing the first recipients were Paul Yee, Wayson Choy and Roy Mah in 2002.  In 2003, awards went to Roy Miki, Fred Wah, Harvey Lowe, and The Japanese Bulletin Magazine. In 2005, recipients were Joy Kogawa, Scott McIntyre publisher of Douglas MacIntyre and Gim Wong.  And earlier in May 2010, ACWW had acknowledged Edmonton writer/playwright
Marty Chan as a ACWW Community Builder, while he was in Vancouver for
the book launch of Henry Chow and Other Stories.

And with that, Carol Frank was invited up to the stage to receive a certificate for the ACWW Community Builder Award.  Carol gave thanks for the award and talked about working with ACWW and Ricepaper on the “Henry Chow and Other Stories” anthology which also included stories by Paul Yee and Evelyn Lau.  She talked about the important role that cultural diversity makes in the books published by Tradewind Books, and acknowledged how grateful she was to Ricepaper Magazine was in helping them find writers for Henry Chow project.  It was an earnest and sincere thanks that closed with her hope and promise to work with Ricepaper more in the future

Evelyn Lau was acknowledged for her trail blazing contributions to the community and significant body of work.  Tetsuro talked about how her works are studied in classes, as well as inspiring to writers.  Todd mentioned how as a young teenager she had first met with Jim Wong-Chu to submit her work to Jim's anthology “Many Mouthed Birds” and how she had only two weeks ago, received the City of Vancouver Mayor's Arts Award prize for Literary Arts.
2010_December_Ricepaper_Dinner 011 Evelyn Lau gives thanks for the Community Builder Award and shares stories of being a writer – photo Deb Martin

Evelyn shared with the audience how strange it is to be considered a community builder when as a writer she spends much of her time alone writing and thinking, but it was so gratifying that her work was able to touch so many.  She specifically thanked Jim Wong-Chu and Marlene Enns for sharing time and meals with her when she was a wayward youth.  It was a very heart-warming acknowledgement.   She next went on to read two poems: A Grain of Rice from the 15th Anniversary edition of Ricepaper; and a poem about Sidney Crosby's goal that won the Olympic Gold Medal.  Evelyn joked about how her poems are mostly dark, and she wanted to read something happier for the occasion.

It was a wonderful evening, as lots of fun was made when Tetsuro led the raffle draw prizes.  More than 25 prizes were shared amongst the ticket buyers.  The room became smaller and friendlier as all the winners were introduced to the audience, and many of the prize donors were acknowledge.  It was a great end for a small organization and small magazine to acknowledge its community, and its community builders.

Mayor's Arts Awards celebrate Evelyn Lau and Alvin Tolentino in Literary and Dance categories!


Evelyn Lau, Literary Arts Honouree speaks at the City of Vancouver 2010 Mayor's Arts Awards.  Her choice of emerging Artist was writer Kaitlyn Fontana – whom Lau had only met in person the night of the awards.  Previously Lau and Fontana communicated by email only, as Lau had given literary feedback to Fontana.

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 106 by Toddish McWong
After the awards ceremony, Lau was congratulated by Todd Wong and Patricia Lim, managing editor of Ricepaper Magazine.  Lau has contributed to Ricepaper Magazine many times and is featured in the just-released 15th Anniversary edition.  Wong is a main organizer of the 15th Anniversary Gala Dinner which will feature Lau as an award recipient for the ACWW Community Builder Award, on December 11th.

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 015 by Toddish McWong
Bill Richardson hosted the Mayor's Arts Awards, that were held at 560 Club, the former site of the now defunct A&B Sound record and stereo store. 

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 009 by Toddish McWong
Dustin Rivers gave an eloquent speech in his native Squamish language.  He was the Emerging Artist chosen by Cease Wyss, the honouree for the Film and New Media Award.

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 061 by Toddish McWong
Community Arts Honouree Carmen Rosen (right) smiles fondly at Maggie Winston, her choice for Emerging Artist.  I have known Carmen since 2005, when she performed at the Gung Haggis Fat Choy Dinner as a Celtic musician.  Carmen is the organizer of the Moon Festival held each year at the Renfrew Ravine.  She can also be found walking on stilts for other festivals such as Winter Solstice and Chinese New Year Festivals.

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 067 by Toddish McWong
Sal Ferreras is the Music Award Honouree.  He chose Evan Arntzen as Emerging Artist.  Sal is an incredible teacher of music at UBC, as well as a percussionist.  He really knows no cultural boundaries when performing music with musicians of many cultures and disciplines.

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 063 by Toddish McWong

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 012 by Toddish McWong

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 072 by Toddish McWong
The walls of the club were used as back drops for the projections announcing each award winner.

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 079 by Toddish McWong
Dance Award Honouree Alvin Erasga Tolentino chose Sujit Vaidya as Emerging Artist, describing the young Indian Classical Dancer with much enthusiasm.  I have known Alvin for about 10 years, and have watched many of his performances at the Firehall Arts Centre, the Roundhouse and Vancouver East Cultural Centre.

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 098 by Toddish McWong
Philanthropist Award recipient is Yosef Wosk, whom I first met many years ago at a board meeting for the Vancouver Public Library.  Very appropriate, since Yosef loves libraries – one of his current projects is helping to develop libraries in developing countries.  He is also the creator of SFU's Philosophy Cafes, which I helped program and co-host in 2003 for Vancouver Asian Heritage Month.

2010_November_Mayors_Arts_Awards 111 by Toddish McWong
Three Vancouver City workers with author Evelyn Lau: City Councilor Heather Deal, who handles the arts portfolio on council; Cultural Services worker Claudia who had helped to set up the Mayor's Arts Awards along with many other events last week; libary worker Todd Wong who has helped to set up programs for Vancouver libraries in his roles with Asian Canadian Writers' Workshop, such as the inaugural One Book One Vancouver program.  Evelyn has told me that she would like to work at the library.  I think that Evelyn should be the library's next writer-in-residence.

VAFF closes out with a Big Hapa feeling!

Jeff Chiba Stearns (far right) gives fist bumps to Todd Wong, Jason Karman and Julia Kwan.  Jeff's film “One Big Hapa Family” closed out the 14th Annual Vancouver Asian Film Festival

Film maker Angelina Cantado (centre) attended the screening of her film Sikat on Friday Night's program “Promised Lands“, which featured Phillipine-North American films. “Sikat” is a tender story about a Filipina domestic worker, who looks after the two children and does the laundry of a middle class Canadian family.  It is

Chinese Canadian WW2 veterans came on Sunday afternoon for the screening of Redress Remixed.  Left to right: Frank Wong, Tommy Wong, ??, Lesley Chan, Alec Louie, Todd Wong.  Frank Wong is interviewed in the movie, directed by Lesley Chan


Lt. Watada is a film about an US soldier who refused to go to deploy to Iraq, because he felt that
the war is illegal and a violation of his constitutional oath. “Watada described the war as illegal
and immoral and founded on deception. and offered twice to go to Afghanistan – a war he considered
legitimate – but his commanders said that granting such a request would
mean there was something wrong with the war in Iraq.” – This film screened on Saturday.

The buzz was big for the fully-packed theatre closing night screening of One Big Hapa Family, preceded by a short film titled
Ode to a Post-It Note, celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the 3M invention.

VAFF 2010: Ode To A Post-It NoteFollowing One Big

Friday Night at VAFF with Angelina Cantado and Mabel Elmore

Friday Night at VAFF – with local film maker Angelina Cantado and Mabel Elmore MLA

It's always great to attend a community event and see Mable Elmore MLA for Vancouver Kensington. But Friday Night at Tinseltown Cinemas was special because it was about her partner Angelina Cantado. Cantado's short film SIKAT was part of a program of Phillipine-North American made movies.

Here are the pictures – (sorry I can't display them, off this computer that isn't allowing me the rich text editor)


Vancouver Asian Film Festival Friday Night – a set on Flickr

“One Big Hapa Family” – new film by Jeff Chiba Stearns to close out VAFF

Hope you can come to VAFF for the 7pm show
Jeff Chiba Stearn's short
animated film “What Are You Anyways” was featured at the 2006 Gung
Haggis Fat Choy Robbie Burns Chinese New Year Dinner.

Order your
tickets in advance – as it should be a sell-out!


4 | Program 15

Closing Night: One Big Hapa Family

Sun. Nov. 7th, 7:00 PM

Festival favourite Jeff Chiba
Stearns, an independent documentary and animation filmmaker born in
Kelowna, BC of both Japanese and European descent, explores the
complexity of family and heritage in this program. Stearns’ latest
feature film ONE BIG
themes of race and identity which are expressed through his unique
style of mixing traditional documentary footage with animation and
humour. Preceding ONE
Stearns’ whimsical short ODE
in which a
Post-it Note decides on Father’s Day to search for its roots.

Chiba Stearns

Jeff Chiba Stearns is an independent
documentary filmmaker and animator born in Kelowna, BC, of Japanese and
European heritage. After graduating from the Emily Carr Institute of Art
and Design with a Degree in Film Animation in 2001, he founded
Mediating Bunny Studio Inc., specializing in creating animation,
documentary, and experimental films aimed at children and adults that
combine different philosophical and social elements together to create
humorous, inspiring stories. His animated shorts, KIP
(2001), WHAT ARE
hve been the official selection of hundreds of film festivals around
the world, garnerered various awards and accolades, and broadcast on the
CBC, Discovery Latin
Shaw, Sundance
Channel, Movie Central, Air Canada and Movieola.

One Big Hapa Family

VAFF 2010: One 
Big Hapa Family
Director/Writer: Jeff Chiba Stearns | Producer:
Ruth Vincent
Documentary | HDCAM |
Colour |
2010 | 85 min |

After a realization at a family
reunion, half-Japanese Canadian filmmaker Jeff Chiba Stearns embarks on a
journey of self-discovery to find out why everyone
in his Japanese-Canadian family married interracially after his
grandparents’ generation.

This feature-length live action and
animated documentary explores why almost 100 per cent of
Japanese-Canadians are marrying interracially, the highest of any
ethnicity in Canada, and how their mixed children perceive their unique
multiracial identities.

The stories from four generations of a
Japanese-Canadian family come to life through the use of innovative
animation techniques created by some of Canada’s hottest independent
animators, including Louise Johnson, Ben Meinhardt, Todd Ramsay, Kunal
Sen and Jonathan Ng. ONE
challenges our perceptions of purity and makes us question if we are
approaching the end of multiculturalism as we know it.



OMNI TV (3 part

preceded by:

Ode To A Post-It Note

VAFF 2010: Ode To
 A Post-It Note

Director/Writer/Producer: Jeff Chiba Stearns
Animation | HDCAM |
Colour | 2010 |
5 min |

On a cluttered office desk plastered
with Post-it Note ‘to do’ lists, one little Post-it Note escapes on an
incredible journey of self-discovery to find its ‘father’.


Vancouver Asian Film Festival opens Thursday Nov 4, closes Sunday

There are some very interesting films scheduled for the 14th Annual Vancouver Asian Film Festival.

Catching my eye are the films that cross cultural boundaries or deal with Chinese Canadian history.

Check out the programs for



1. Opening Night


2. Promise Lands

3. Places and Spaces Fri. Nov. 5th, 9:30 PM

– These films explore place and identity. Dark and urban New York City is explored by lonely souls in WORKS OF ART and EMPIRE CORNER. In I DON’T SLEEP I DREAM, the protagonist must navigate a surreal, deserted road and in TAKEO the idyllic rolling landscape of midwestern United States is contrasted by a struggle for survival and revenge. But Hawaii's Oahu island is the setting for Ajumma! Are You Krazy?? – a study about the 'older ladies' who are addicted to Korean tv dramas and will stop at nothing to meet their latest heartthrob, hunky Korean superstar Michael Park.


4. An Activist's Life: AOKI Sat. Nov. 6th, 11:00 AM

Did you know that a Japanese American man is one of the founders of the Black Panthers, in the USA? Find out how Richard Aoki, a Japanese-American internment descendent, grows up in African-American dominated Oakland, and becomes a leading figure in the Asian-American Movement.

5. Lt. Watada

6. Lost and Foundations

7P. Mighty Asian Shorts Sat. Nov. 6th, 4:30 PM

– This is always lots of fun. Vancouver area aspiring film makers create quirky shorts. This year one of my my library colleagues was part of a team that won first prize. Catch the Ko-Ni-Chi-Wa, which explores what happens when an Asian-Canadian woman witnesses White Asianphiles hitting on Asian ESL students… she dresses up as an ESL student and guess what happens?

8. Loss and Reunion

9P. Love Wins Out

10. Centrepiece: Sing China!

11P. Au Revoir Taipei

12. It's a “Mad, Sad & Bad” World


13. Made in Vancouver

14. Canada Apologizes

Redress Remix: Canada’s Apology For The Chinese Head Tax – I attended the special preview for this film which interviews our family friend WW2 veteran Frank Wong. I was part of the Vancouver committee for Head Tax Redress descendants. Trevor Chan (No Luck Club), created a very interesting mash of hip hop beats and people's quotes. Also interviewed from Toronto are Dr. Joseph Wong the founding president of the Chinese Canadian National Council; and Simon Li, former CBC radio host who now teaches Chinese Canadian history to students in Hong Kong.

15. Closing Night Sun. Nov. 7th, 7:00 PM

– I got to know film animator Jeff Chiba Stearns when he created “What Are You Anyways” which comically explored the relevations of mistaken assumed ethnic heritage, when you grow up Hapa, or Half-Asian/Half-Caucasian. I quickly invited Jeff to share “What Are You Anyway” with the audience at the annual Gung Haggis Fat Choy Robbie Burns Chinese New Year Dinner – especially when the main character was drawn with a Chinese coolie hat, and holding bagpipes. ONE BIG HAPA FAMILY explores the journey when Jeff attends a family reunion, and explores why everybody in the family is in a inter-racial relationship, thus creating generations of Hapa children.

Brendan Uegama's “Henry's Glasses” + new Ann Marie Fleming film show at VIFF

VIFF… Henry's
Glasses (about a young boy in a Japanese-Canadian Internment Camp)
+ I
Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors (directed by Ann Marie Fleming
creator of the The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam)
Monday 3:30pm Pacific

Henry's Glasses
Henry's Glasses


plays in Acquired Trait

Canadian Images

(Canada, 2010, 20 mins, HDCAM)

Directed By: Brendan Uegama

PRODS: Brendan Uegama, Nicole leier
SCR/CAM: Brendan Uegama
ED: Corey Ogilvie
MUS: Crispin Hands
CAST: Matthew Nomura, Walter Uegama, Marie Shimizu, Moe Yang, Miyou Shimoshige, Kevan Ohtsji
In a Japanese-Canadian internment camp a young boy must use the power
of his imagination to escape reality and help his elderly new friend.

I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors
I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors


plays with Henry's Glasses

Canadian Images

(Canada, 2010, 16 mins, 35mm)

Directed By: Ann Marie Fleming

PROD: Gerry Flahive, Michael Fukushima
SCR: Ann Marie Fleming
EDS: Ileana Pietrobruno, Ann Marie Fleming
MUS: Normand Roger, Denis Chartrand, Pierre Yves Drapeau

An adaptation of the acclaimed memoir of the same name, this inventive
animation weaves together a political and personal history using the
healing power of humour

Funny Asians from LA are performing for Asian Comedy Night by VACT

11th Annual Asian Comedy Night features
18 Mighty Mountain Warriors “HOOT CAMP”

Here's a message from Joyce Lam of Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre.  Joyce was just presented in April with the BC Community Achievement Award for all her good work in founding and developing Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre.  Come see what the fuss is all about!


HURRY! Tickets
only available for 2 remaining performances!

2 evenings:
Saturday June 5th & Sunday June 6th

Only 2 hilarious

remaining at the Roundhouse Performance Centre
181 Roundhouse Mews (corner of Davie & Pacific Blvd)
Vancouver, BC

  • $20
    in advance – general admission
  • $25
    in advance – reserved section (first 2 rows in raised centre
  • $25
    at the door – general admission only
  • $108
    in advance – SAVE! – group rate for 6 tickets (general

Buy on-line at or at the
Roundhouse at 604.713.1800


Back by popular demand from 2009 for their very own show are: The 18
Mountain Warriors (18mmw) from Los Angeles!  This group has garnered
awards including the 2007 Emmy Award “Mighty Warriors of Comedy”,
the 2006 International Sketch Comedy Championships, and the 2005 Bay
Area’s Best Comedy Troupe award. They continue to rock the San Francisco
Bay Area and San Jose with their unique blend of Asian and political

Visit or for more

VACT's Etch-YOUR-SketchOFF2?#$% now features friendly rivalries

Asians are talented in sketch comedy too!

I chatted with VACT's founding creator Joyce Lam last week.  There is big drama for this year's Etch-YOUR-SketchOFF2!#$%.  One of last year's comedy sketch teams has split into two new teams for 2010.  That's right… dramedy is happening!  Members of last year's Darin' Joes, have formed new teams.  Fane Tse has helped to form new team Angry Asian Men. Josette Jorge was also with Darin' Joes last year but has returned to SFUU Man Chu.

Will there be a comedic show down?

Other teams competing are: Beef Noodle Soup, Laughing Make Mind Dangerous, Banana Drama, Asians Bleed Red, The Yangzters.

Of special note: Tricia Collins is performing with SFUU MAN CHU.  Tricia co-hosted the 2010 Gung Haggis Fat Choy Robbie Burns Chinese New Year Dinner with me.  She is one of my favorite Vancouver actresses – having performed in her solo show Gravity, as well as Firehall Theatre's Ecstasy of Rita Joe and Urban Ink Production's Hunted.  She is also a writer, contributing to Ricepaper Magazine and Completely Mixed Up: An Asian North American Mixed Race Anthology.

35 performers will be on stage.  Mostly Asians with some members of non-Asian minority groups, representing token inclusivity and plain old friendship between races.

Check out the VACT website:

Etch Your SketchOff 2 Logo

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 – Vancouver Rice Bowl Competition
Thursday, April 29, 2010 – People’s CHOYS Award
Nightly at 7:30 PM

Buy your tickets online now!

Tickets are $15 each!

Buy Group Rate tickets online now!

Be a Friend of VACT

Wed Apr 21, 03:15 PM by editor

those who have enjoyed our shows and want to support us financially –
we are recognizing our fans with special benefits.  Depending on your
friendship level, you will receive premium reserved seating upgrades,
recognition in the programs, opening night tickets and invitations to
cast parties, signed productions posters and special concierge
ticketing services & privileges.  Our way of saying thank you to

For more details, click here.

2010 BC Book Prizes: Fred Wah wins Poetry Prize

2010_April_BC_BookPrizesGala 004 by you.
Fellow nominees for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize: Larissa Lai for “Automaton Diaries” and Fred Wah for “Is A Door”.  Fred will be interviewing Larissa Lai for an upcoming issue of Ricepaper magazine.  Fred was the eventual winner of the poetry prize!  The banners of each prize hangs in the background.

was great to attend the 2010 BC Book Prizes. Very happy to see my
friends Fred Wah and Larissa Lai nominated for Dorothy Livesay Poetry
Prize – Fred won! and Charles Demers was nominated for Hubert Evans
Non-Fiction Prize.

2010_April_BC_BookPrizesGala 002 by you.
My pals!  Fred Wah with Cara Ng and Charles Demers – who was nominated for the Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize.  Charlie was going around saying I was responsible for his expected niece/nephew.  In actual fact, Cara's brother met his wife on the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dragon boat team.  Fate took its course as they fell in love, married last year, and are expecting a baby this year.  I am still trying to recruit Charlie and Cara and Fred to the dragon boat team.  We will have the “most literary” and “most poetical” dragon boat team in Canada!

Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas and Masako Fukawa &
Stanley Fukawa, and Dal Richards
nominated for Bill Duthie Booksellers’ Choice Award. Great to make new
friends with many of the authors such as Ian Weir, Lori Culbert, Ehor

2010_April_BC_BookPrizesGala 029 by you.
Todd Wong, Masako Fukawa &
Stanley Fukawa – authors of 
Spirit of the Nikkei Fleet: BC’s Japanese Canadian Fishermen”, and Ann-Marie Metten.  Ann-Marie and I are the executive director and president of Historic Joy Kogawa House Society.  We invited Masako and Stanley to come do a reading at Joy's childhood home.

2010_April_BC_BookPrizesGala 026 by you.
Terry Glavin, last year's winner of the Lieutanant Governor's Award for Literary Excellence, accepts for Stan Persky, the 2010 winner!  Shirley Yew, president of the West Coast Book Prize Society and Lt. Gov. Steven Point present the award.

2010_April_BC_BookPrizesGala 035

Ian Weir, author of Daniel O'Thunder – nominated for the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize, chats with Charles Demers nominated for non-fiction.

And always great to spend some time with Shelagh Rogers!

2010_April_BC_BookPrizesGala 011 by you.
Shelagh Rogers emceed the BC Book Prizes Gala at Government House.  I emceed the BC Book Prizes Soiree back on April 7th, in Vancouver.  Shelagh is a great supporter of Historic Joy Kogawa House and the Gung Haggis Fat Choy Robbie Burns Chinese New Year Dinner.  I hope soon to have a Gung Haggis dinner in Nanaimo or Gabriola Dinner with Shelagh as my co-host!

2010_April_BC_BookPrizesGala 034

And of course there was dessert!