Kilts Night in December

Good Fun at Kilts Night on the First Thursday of December.

2010_December_Kilts 003

Todd Wong and Jonathan give a toast to friendship with full pints of Guinness – photo – T.Wong

It was a crowd of some regulars and new initiates.

I walked in just as the band started playing, so said my new friend, poet Christine Lowther.  Christine and I had only communicated so far by facebook and telephone, as we have been setting up a poetry reading for her at Historic Joy Kogawa House for Dec. 12th 2pm.  In the next few minutes she was saying, “I've only just met this man, and he's dressing me in a pub!”

Welcome to Kilts Night Christine!  You looked good in the blue Fraser Hunting tartan mini-kilt.

2010_December_Kilts 011

Angela and Christine, initiated into Kilts Night culture with Toddish McWong – photo T.Wong

Closer to the stage were my friends Bruce Clark with more regulars.  Bruce is also a kilt maker.  He really enjoys Kilts Night at Doolins and is looking forward to the Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinner in January.

2010_December_Kilts 006

Bruce Clark wears his Glengarry hat, and celebrated his recent Birthday. – photo T. Wong
Halifax Wharf Rats are are a quartet of Bryan on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Tim on bass, Rick on drums + Michelle on both flute and keyboards, while sharing lead vocals.  The repertoire includes traditional celtic songs + Canadian Maritime songs + celticized versions of folk/rock classics.  It's always great to hear the mix of Galway Girl, Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire, and Tom Petty's Free Falling.

2010_December_Kilts 014

Halifax Wharf Rats – fronted by
Michelle on keyboards and Bryan on guitar.  In the background are Rick
on drums and Tim on bass. – photo Todd Wong

Christine had been sitting at a table with some people who had originally met in Montreal at a hostel.  She invited them to try on some of my kilts, and pretty soon we had a Chinese-Canadians from Toronto and Vancouver + two Australian lasses wearing the kilts, and asking for a pint of Guinness. Cat is the Vancouverite who invited her travel companions to Doolin's.  Amazingly, she didn't seem to know much about the 1000 year old history of dragon boats in China or it's 25 year history in Vancouver.  But she said she would like to try dragon boats.  And she also seemed to enjoy the better fitting mini-kilt then the full length men's kilt.

There was a reunion of friends who had attended Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island.  So while I was adjusting kilts on Cat, my girlfriend was putting a kilt on Roland – a large cigar smoking man.   Roland loved the kilt, and wanted to buy it then and there and take it home with him.  I called Bruce over, and introduced Roland to the kilt maker.  Bruce and I both convinced Roland that he should have a kilt that was designed to fit him better.  Length and width are always two of the factors that are important for your personal kilt, besides the pattern.

Kilts and Guinness and good music, always help to make new friends.  End of story.

Pictures coming….

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