“3 Skiing Amigos”: Jeff, Francisco and Todd.

“This is multicultural skiing, I like it!” declared Francisco Carreon Argudin. I looked at him puzzled. I didn't see anything mulicultural about spring skiing at Silver Star Resort, just north of Vernon BC.
It was Easter Sunday, and we were sitting in the “Bieregarten” on the main stroll of Silver Star Village, eating our Steak Sandwich lunch specials and drinking beer.

“What's multicultural about skiing?” I ask.
They look at me in disbelief, like I missed the punch line of a joke.
“We're multicultural!” They exclaim.
“Oh, yeah…. I forgot about that,” I sheepishly reply.

We were drinking Corona beer because Francisco bought them and he is originally from Mexico, with
Mexican and Italian heritage. Our mutual friend is Jeff Chiba Stearns,
the animator/film producer of “What Are You Anyways?” Jeff describes
himself as hapa – Half Japanese, and Half Euro-mutt. I am 5th
generation Chinese-Canadian.

We have a great day skiing. Jeff is an ex-competitive snow boarder. He had also been part of a demonstration team that used to tour the province. He first learned to board when he was 13, and followed around a 39 year old who wanted somebody to board with.
“That's how you become good,” he explains to “Paco” (Francisco's nick name). “You have to ski with people who are better than you.” It is Paco's 4th time ever on a snow board.
“There was nobody to ski with in Mexico,” Paco replies.

Francesco (Paco) and Jeff Chiba Stearns – all ready to ride! – photo Todd Wong

Jeff and Paco, had driven up from Kelowna to ski with me. I had bought the $50 Easter Weekend Ski Pass, and promised to buy them lunch if they changed their plans from skiing Big White, to coming to Silver Star. The weather was a mix up snow. clouds and sunny breaks, and had dumped another 11 cm overnight. Chances were that with Big White's high altitude and penchant for fog and cloud cover, it would have been “Big White Out,” at least that was what my ski tour guide friends had assured me on Saturday afternoon.

We have a great day of Spring skiing. The snow is light. Jeff and I ski through the glades, and amongst the trees. It's great fun, having somebody good to ski with. Paco makes his way down the green runs with us, as we encourage him, and coax him onto some blue runs. We go visit the terrain park, and watch Jeff do a 360 in the air, taking good air off the jump.
Friends, good snow, visit to the Bieregarten…. what more can you ask for?

How about a good soak in the hot tub?  Saturday night had a great sunset.  This was the view from the deck over the hot tub.

Sunset over Kalamalka Lake – almost the same view from the hot tub below the deck – photo Todd Wong

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